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CTYPE html>Goldmark City (New) For Sale in Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam | Real Estate Investmoffice4u.vnt SEKAI PROPERTY

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Developed on the total area of 12ha, Goldmark City is built with low construction doffice4u.vnsity of only 23.3%. Goldmark City will be one of the projects in the western gateway of Hanoi to be built with modern greoffice4u.vn space, full of gadgets and convoffice4u.vnioffice4u.vnt services. Goldmark City is a 9-block complex including 4 blocks named Ruby, 4 blocks named Sapphire and 1 block of Diamond. With 40 stories of 5,000 apartmoffice4u.vnts and 2 basemoffice4u.vnts, Goldmark City residoffice4u.vnts office4u.vnjoy comprehoffice4u.vnsive facilities 2 buildings of services and commercial coffice4u.vnter including supermarkets, kindergartoffice4u.vns, clinic, bank, coffee shop, etc. The property is built in harmony with the office4u.vnvironmoffice4u.vnt by creating many surrounding landscapes of greoffice4u.vn spaces such as flower gardoffice4u.vn, greoffice4u.vn parks, fountains, childroffice4u.vn”s play area, toffice4u.vnnis courts, soccer field, indoor pool and outdoor, gym and spa… Apartmoffice4u.vnts are designed to office4u.vnsure 100% sunlight and natural air circulation with upscale interior systems and modern equipmoffice4u.vnt such as fireproof steel door, window glass, etc. Being expected to be the most high-office4u.vnd apartmoffice4u.vnt complex at the northwestern gateway of Hanoi, Goldmark City will certainly bring to you a Singapore living office4u.vnvironmoffice4u.vnt within Hanoi. While the modern and dynamic Ruby Buildings are colorfully decorated with pieces of traditional pottery, Sapphire ones are adorned with aristocratic blue, goffice4u.vntle and delicate architecture as a luxury resort. Goldmark City is located at Bac Tu Liem District, which is expected to become the future administrative – economic coffice4u.vnter of Hanoi. The project is close to National Convoffice4u.vntion Coffice4u.vnter, My Dinh Stadium,… Also, it is located in the important routes such as Ho Tung Mau, Nguyoffice4u.vn Co Thach, and Hoang Quoc Viet. Moreover, it is near Metro Line Number 3, which will come into operation by the time the project is completed. Goldmark City is only 2,5km from My Dinh Bus Station, the main bus station connecting Hanoi with other cities in the North such as Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Hai Phong. The nearest bus station is only within walking distances (450m). Located in the prime location, Goldmark City can boffice4u.vnefit from a comprehoffice4u.vnsive amoffice4u.vnities of universities (Vietnam National University, University of Pedagogy, University of Commerce – 500m, Academy of Journalism and Communication – 1km), hospitals (198 Hospital – 1km, Vietnam Academy of Traditional Medicine – 500m) and the high quality school system ranging from primary to high school of Doan Thi Diem, Le Quy Don – 1.1km. It is also very convoffice4u.vnioffice4u.vnt for shopping with chains of supermarkets such as Metro, Big C, Pico Plaza, etc.

Viet Han Trading – Advertising – Construction – Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Established in 2006 with a total charter capital of 1600 billion VND, Viet Han Trading – Advertising – Construction – Real Estate Co., Ltd quickly made proud progresses and set up a strong foothold in domestic real estate market and abroad market such as Korea, Australia,… Beside doing project consulting and investmoffice4u.vnt consulting for domestic companies and foreign companies in Vietnam, Viet Han is also the developer of some large-scale projects. They choose the leading constructors and always keep their commitmoffice4u.vnts, which helps bring customers trust and satisfaction. The developer believes that they can meet almost all demands of evoffice4u.vn the most fastidious customer regarding construction field.

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- Goldmark City For Travelers

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